ShanMu on August 14, 2015

I've been learning Chinese for one year and a half now and there's quite a few things that I find/ and or have found difficult.

1. Grammar - it's hard to know the order to place the different characters you'll use, especially in longer sentences. I've gotten better with time and perseverance but its still a bug bear.

2. Grammar - again. Rules on when to use certain characters like 的 and 得. And understanding 着 lol I still don't get 着, 唉! Lol

3. The exact same issue as msubotin, learning to read is easier (although more onerous). However slowing down the the audio seems like a good suggestion so I shall try it our. Thanks @ curufinwe.

4. Lack of an immersion experience. If you don't live in China I feel like you are @ a disadvantage because its harder to put what you have learned into practice and absorb the mandarin naturally. So practice in normal everyday speech with your students, taking them to restaurants and other activities that will immerse themselves into the language and culture.

There's a few more thing I could mention but there's a summary from my point of view @ this point of my learning experience.

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